Food/Drink – Le Miel et La Lune

Le Miel et La Lune quietly opened on the corner of Elgin and Cardigan Streets in Carlton earlier this year. I have vague memories of previous cafes existing in this spot, but the clean and minimalist inteiror of Le Miel, in tandem with its enticing menu, was enough to pique my curiosity.

It’s a welcome addition to the cafe scene that exists in the surroundings of the university and nearby Lygon Street. Food-wise, it serves much of the standard brunch and lunch fare that you would expect from a cafe of its type, as well as more decadent options, such as the Belgian dark chocolate brioche french toast. Meals like the Yuzu chicken salad are also indicative of the pan-Asian influence on the menu. Fresh sandwiches and bite sized sweet treats are also available. Le Miel sources its coffee from Proud Mary, which is good news for fans in the area who don’t wish to venture out to Collingwood to get their fix.

As strong as it is on the food and coffee front, arguably the cafe’s greatest selling point is that it’s a great place to while away a morning or afternoon there, given how cozy and inviting a space it is. Only time will tell whether this will remain the case once word spreads amongst the university population.


– James Zarucky (article) and Alexander Sheko (photos)

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